Lunar Software

We are a small independent software company currently working from home across Germany.
Our specialty is web development, but we're also currently working on a game.

The official founding as "Lunar Software" was in 2022. The idea behind the company came about in 2012 as "Uweb Software" with small modding projects.


Orbit Miner

In Orbit Miner you can collect resources with your spaceship, build and expand your own space station and trade with other stations.

The idea behind Orbit Miner was born in 2013. A first version was created in the same year as a kind of idle game. After some time, a browser version was planned, but was discarded for cost reasons. Development as a full (non-idle) game started earlier this year, and we are aiming for a release within the next 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Current State: preAlpha